Adria Blues

Adria Blues

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Adria Blues
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Director: Miroslav Mandić
2013 / 90 min. / Slovenian-Bosnian version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Senad Basic, Mojca Funkl, Peter Musevski, Iva Babic, Gregor Zorc


Former Bosnian rock star Toni Riff escaped to Slovenia during the war and married Sonia, one of his fans. Now, his music career over for more than two decades, Toni finds himself living off the earnings of his wife, who works as a phone-sex operator, much to his chagrin. One day, someone offers to organize a come-back concert for him. Will this opportunity save him and lead him out of his depression? Miroslav Mandic's tragicomedy looks at some of the less obvious consequences of war. Instead of dwelling on the horrors of war, he focuses on the emotional repercussions: the vanished dreams, the talent buried in the cemeteries, the destructiveness of burnout and the setting in of depression as a result of unfulfilled expectations.


Contact: Gustav film, Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, T.: +386 590 31995, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Lucerna (Prague) Koupit vstupenku 14.4. Mo 17:00
Měšťanská Beseda (Plzeň) 23.4. Wed 17:00

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