All That Matters Is Past


Section: EuroCrime
All That Matters Is Past / Uskyld
Director: Sara Johnsen
2012 / 105 min. / Norwegian version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Kristoffer Joner, Maria Bonevie, David Dencik

Thedead bodies of two men and a woman close to death are found in the middle of aforest. The viewer knows from the beginning how things will end, but how didthey actually begin? Janne and brothersWilliam and Ruud have known each other since childhood. They grew up together,played together and made love to each other. This dark story of a strange lovetriangle involving jealousy and envy, told in retrospect, is a mixture ofmelodrama and thriller, full of carefully hidden biblical allusions, dominatedby a kainabelian relationship between brothers. The dark side of the humansoul, a destructive relationship, and the inability to forgive, slowly leadthem all to perdition. Is Janne really so innocent?

Awards:  AmandaAwards, Norway 2013: Best Sound Design

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