The Shooter


Section: EuroCrime
The Shooter / Skytten
Director: Annette K. Olesen
2013 / 89 min. / Danish version with Czech, English and Russian subtitles
Cast: Trine Dyrholm, Kim Bodnia, Kristian Halken, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Lars Ranthe


Is it eco-terrorism or a last ditch effort to prevent an environmental disaster? Campaign promising favoring greener politics have disappeared a year after the election and when the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs presents a plan to drill for oil in the rich deposits of Greenland with significant cooperation from the USA, not even pressure from the media can change the situation, and a militant activist takes justice into his own hands. Is violence in extreme situations defensible against corruption and unfair political games? A tenacious journalist and a disaffected environmentalist are on “the warpath”.

Contact: TrustNordisk Filmbyen 28, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark, T: +45 3686 8788, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

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