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Tangerines / Mandariinid
Estonia, Georgia
Director: Zaza Urushadze
2013 / 87 min. / Russian-Estonian version with Czech and Engish subtitles
Cast: Giorgi Nakashidze, Elmo Nüganen, Raivo Trass, Lembit Ulfsak


In1992, Abkhazia is at war with Georgia. Old Ivo and Farmer Margus, the last twomen in the area, are trapped in a small village in the middle of a battle zone.The only thing keeping them from leaving is their crop of tangarines. The war reaches them even here when they findtwo wounded men from opposing sides, casualties of a firefight and Ivo decidesto help them despite their mutual hate for each other. His vigorous character and the fact that heis so fed up with the war encourages the two enemies to gradually accept eachother. This film is about personal courage, the meaninglessness and absurdityof war, and the power of dialogue.


Awards: IFF Mannheim-Heidelberg 2013: Audience Award; IFF Tallinn Black Nights 2013: Estonian Film Award, International Film Clubs Award; IFF Warsaw 2013: Audience Award, Best Director

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T: +416 363 6060, www.cinemavault.com

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