Feed Me With Your Words

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Feed Me With Your Words / Nahrani me z besedami
Director: Martin Turk
2012 / 88 min. / Slovenian-Italian version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Boris Cavazza, Sebastijan Cavazza, Jure Henigman, Masa Derganc, Miranda Caharija

Matej hasn’t spoken to his father Janez in nearly ten years. So, it’s quite a surprise when Janez asks him to help search for his younger brother Robert who has disappeared without a trace somewhere in Turin. Matej sends his wife and daughter to the countryside to care for his mentally ill mother while he and his father try to retrace Robert’s footsteps. Three parallel stories, three different perspectives which gradually reveal a dysfunctional family, its lost past, complicated present and perhaps, hopeful future.  A film about problematic family bonds and the relationships between children and parents.

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