Kiril Stankov

* 1.2. 1969, Sofia, Bulgaria


Bulgarian film director. He graduated from the University of Tel Aviv, Department of Film and Television. After graduation he worked as an editor, assistant director and cameraman in Israel. He is living and working in Bulgaria and Canada. July is his first feature film. He focuses mainly on documentary films. One of them, Transfer, tells the sad story of Bulgarian contemporary history - Bulgarization of local Turkish population. Film Falafel - Feta Cheese is revealing his personal feelings while living in Israel, his memories and nostalgia for homeland. Film Heepvention 2000 is depicting famous fans of the band Uriah Heep in London. Last upcoming documentary called Love in the Time of brandy.

Kiril Stankov will be stayin in Prague from 9. to 12. April 2014 and will attended both the opening ceremony, and the screening of his film on 10. 4. at 17.00 in the Cinema Lucerna.


Stephen Brown


Director of Irish film The Sea will be present at the festive opening and at the screening of his film on Saturday 12. 4. at 8.30pm in Cinema Světozor. Stephen Brown will stay in Prague till 13. 4.2014. Here you can wantch the interview with the director taken at IFF Toronto 2013, where the film was first introduced.


Ivan Ostrochovský and Vladimír Hučín

Screening of the Slowak film Velvet Terrorists on 10. 4. will be personaly introduced by  the director Ivan Ostrochovský and a protagonist Vladimír Hučín. Film won the FEDORA Award at IFF Karlovy Vary 2013 as a best film of the East of the West film section. 

Ivan Ostrochovský, *1972, Žilina, Czechoslowakia


Vladimír Hučín, * 1952, Zlín, Czechoslowakia



Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani


This duo of directors and screenwriters of the Belgium thriller The Strange Color of Your Bodies Tears will visit the festival in it's second half (15. - 18. 4.).


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