Boy Eating the Bird's Food

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Boy Eating the Bird's Food / To agori troi to fagito tou pouliou
Director: Ektoras Lygizos
2012 / 80 min. / Greek version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Yannis Papadopoulos, Lila Baklesi, Kleopatra Perraki, Vangelis Kommatas, Kharalambos Goyos

The camera follows a lonely young man and his ordinary, everyday life from an almost documentary-naturalistic perspective. Under the guise of a quiet life, the outlines of reality begin to take shape – three days in the life of a young man in Athens, fighting hunger, unemployment and finally, homelessness, without even a place to lay his head. This debut film from Ektoras Lygizos is an allegory of the times of crisis in Greece. Boy Eating the Bird's Food is a depiction of the poverty which can affect any one of us at any time, but also a look at the innate struggle to retain one's own dignity in every situation.

Awards: IFF Athens 2013: Best Director, Best Actor; IFF Karlovy Vary 2012: Special Mention, IFF Thessaloniki 2012: Best Actor, FIPRESCI Prize

Contact: Stefi Productions, Amyklon 24 Halandri, Athens, Greece, T.: +30 210 638 6200, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it








Lucerna (Prague) - Small hall Koupit vstupenku 13.4. Sun 18:30

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