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July / Krapec
Director: Kiril Stankov
2012 / 96 min. / Bulgarian version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Paraskeva Djukelova, Kasiel Noa Asher, Yana Titova, Ovanes Torosyan, Izhak Finzi


Dju, Dana and Lily haven't seen each other for many years. When they meet unexpectedly, the result is an impulsive trip to the seaside village of Krapetz where they spent their youth. For all three of them, it is a symbolic escape from the world, from the tediousness of work and the disappointments of life. The idyll on the shores of the Black Sea is suddenly disrupted by the local mafia. This random reunion of girlhood friends leads to an unexpected series of events involving old loves, the search for self identity, and confrontation with the past, but also the trafficking of women and a conflict with the underworld.


Awards: Golden Rose Film Festival 2012: Union of Bulgaria's Film Makers Award

Contact: Galafilm Ltd., 1B, Strumitza Str., Ap.11, BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, T: +359 2 981 4209

Bulharsky kulturni institut



Lucerna (Prague) Koupit vstupenku 10.4. Thur 17:00
Lucerna (Prague) - Small hall 14.4. Mo 18:30

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